The Best Construction Equipment for Earth Moving

The Best Construction Equipment for Earth Moving - Spectrum Equipment

Starting a construction company in the multi-billion Canadian construction industry starts with investing in the best construction machinery and equipment. Civil projects, from large-scale commercial jobs to residential jobs, need large earth movers for materials handling, demolition, and construction.

There are many types of heavy construction equipment that are designed for earth moving or earthwork, and each type of earth moving equipment handles a different function on a civil project. Knowing which piece of earth moving machinery is perfect for a specific earth moving job not only speeds up the work but also makes your earth moving machinery last longer.

Common Construction Equipment for Earth Moving

1. Excavator

Construction excavators can perform a range of tasks and can do even more with special attachments. For residential construction projects, the CAT Mini Excavator can help you minimize your operating costs while maintaining high productivity on the job.

  • Excavating trenches, holes, and foundations
  • Dredging a river
  • Installing pipes
  • Demolition
  • Moving heavy materials

2. Skid-Steer Loaders

If you’re working in areas where construction activity is within confined spaces, Skid-steer loaders can provide precision with their space-conscious movements. Depending on the area of the job site, you can rent a skid steer loader with the perfect size as it comes with a wide range of sizes.

  • Road construction; paving, grading, and patching
  • Ground aeration
  • Excavate rocks while levelling the soil without leaving big trenches behind

3. Compact and Multi-Terrain Track Loaders

For job sites with slopes or with harsh ground conditions, track loaders will provide better earth moving due to it having better flotation and better breakup force. The Caterpillar compact track loader speeds up earthwork as it has an excellent reach and vertical lift design and superior traction.

  • Grab and transport hard-to-handle objects
  • Remove asphalt or concrete
  • Grading projects

4. Track Type Tractors

track type tractor, or crawler loader, are compact earth movers ideal for residential construction. The CAT tractors have features to have full efficiency in transporting, maneuvering, and accuracy in grading.

  • Clearing lots from excavated soil and rocks.
  • Earth moving for sloping the sides of the road
  • Driveway construction

5. Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders, or front-end loaders, are another type of civil engineering equipment that is considered the “jack-of-all-trades”. Although buying a wheel loader will cost you more than a skid-steer loader, you’ll get your money back by cutting fuel costs as wheel loaders are known for their fuel efficiency.

  • Lifting earth off the ground in huge amounts with the attached bucket
  • Collecting rocks, dirt, and other earth debris

6. Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated dump trucks or rock trucks are the heavy equipment vehicles that are crucial in the early stages of civil construction. During the early stages, there is plenty of gravel, dirt, and loose soil to remove before any construction work can be done.

Buying or renting big haul trucks increases productivity as this heavy earth moving equipment can haul large amounts of soil over rough terrain safely and quickly due to its body or chassis that can move separately.

Choosing Among the Different Construction Equipment You Can Rent

In the construction industry, you’ll never know what your next project could be. Buying new construction equipment might not be your smartest move as construction machines depreciate in value. Renting construction equipment, however, ensures that you’re not investing in a piece of heavy construction machinery that you might not use in a future project. It also ensures you can take advantage of the latest technology available.

Spectrum helps you identify which earth movers are ideal for a building project of any size. We have an in-house maintenance team to help ensure your project is hassle-free and you always have high-quality service. Contact us today to see how we can help support your next project.

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