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Top-tier Custom Heavy Haul Transportation Services

We don’t just excel in the heavy equipment rental industry; we also excel in heavy haul transportation. Spectrum will take care of your heavy equipment and ensure it gets to where it needs to go.

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Our Customer Service Is What Separates Us From The Rest

In the heavy hauling industry, you need someone like us with over 30 years of experience in solving heavy equipment transportation and logistics issues that other heavy hauling trucking companies might not have experience with.

Spectrum has professional drivers who are knowledgeable and skilled in handling specialized over-dimensional equipment. We offer cross-provincial heavy hauling and ensure we stay on top of things to eliminate risks along the road and solve heavy haul transportation issues right away to prevent or minimize delays.

Inner City Heavy Hauling

We have a 5 ton single axle tractor & gooseneck combo, and ¾ tone truck with a bumper pull trailer. Our wide variety of trailers offer many options from 44 wheels to 12 wheels including full hydraulic powered R.G.N’s & 11 foot wide decks, providing the safest & most efficient methods of loading your valuable assets.

Cross-Province Heavy Hauling

We are the proven and trusted oilfield heavy haulers. We boast a wide variety of specialized heavy haul trucks and trailers. Our fleet includes a tri-drive, full heavy spec winch tractor(s) with a 40 ton winch perfect for recovery of downed assets & relocation of oilfield buildings & skids. Our 44 wheel & tri-drive combo can haul up to 90 kgs or 199,342 lbs on winter weights. If our in house trailers are unable to accommodate the job, we will work to procure the appropriate trailer to complete the job safely.

Cross-Country Heavy Hauling

We are a team of experienced Canadian heavy haulers who are always up-to-date with the different heavy truck weight and dimension limits for interprovincial operations in Canada.   We map out the best possible cross-country route to avoid roads undergoing construction, impassable roads, and heavily-trafficked highways. We'll use the right equipment for shipping oversize loads, and our drivers have the skills to keep our promise of completing deliveries safely and on time.

We Have A Variety of Top Of The Line Trucks & Trailers

There’s no type of cargo or heavy equipment unique and challenging to us. There’s no size of roads or ground conditions that will stop us from picking up and delivering your assets. We are a heavy haul trucking company with reliable trucks and trailers that regularly undergo cleaning and maintenance to ensure the safety and security of the load.

We have full heavy spec tandem tractors set up to pull any machine or custom freight you may have a need for on-site.

Why Choose Spectrum?

We proactively communicate with you if there are any delays or issues during the pick-up and delivery of your equipment. We make sure that you’re aware of what’s happening with your shipment, think outside the box to troubleshoot every transportation issue, and effectively communicate our ideas to you.

As experts in the heavy equipment rental industry, we know how to maintain heavy machinery and ensure that our trucks and trailers won’t be the cause of the delay. Our technicians never fail to perform regular maintenance checks on our trucks and trailers before and after we ship your equipment. 

Our friendly and professional team of heavy haulers will guide you through the whole process from pick up & delivery to permitting. We ensure that the loading and unloading of your heavy equipment are done quickly, safely and efficiently to ensure that we pick up and deliver your equipment in a convenient time frame.

We have handled complicated loads before with highly time-sensitive delivery, and we’ve delivered satisfaction to our previous customers by ensuring that their cargo acquired no damages during the transit.
We’ve helped companies  minimize delays on their projects by efficiently relocating their heavy equipment to other job sites or delivering downed equipment to their desired location.

We also help logistics companies and manufacturers focus on improving their products and services by leaving the heavy haul transportation to us and with heavy hauling rates that will not hinder their business’ success.
Customers are expected to operate and maintain rented equipment per manufacturer’s recommendations. Spectrum can provide these services to customers for additional charges.

Applicable taxes are extra. Some restrictions apply. Refer to Spectrum’s Rental Agreement for full list of terms and conditions.


We provide equipment solutions to support your organizational growth.

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