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Reliable Heavy Equipment, Backed by Quality Service

We provide end-to-end equipment management solutions, including Sales and Rentals of a full lineup of Heavy Equipment along with industry leading innovative attachments for your year round operations.

The Trusted Company in Heavy Equipment Sales and Service

Contractors all over North America not only trust our heavy equipment rentals but also trust us in providing them with a wide range of heavy equipment with high quality standards.

The Best Place to Rent Heavy Equipment in Western Canada and the USA

We offer a wide range of rental equipment that we can deliver to your job site. Whether you need to rent construction equipment or snow removal equipment, Spectrum Equipment has the right machinery for the job.

Armed with the latest diagnostic equipment, tools, and technology, our team of highly-trained service technicians ensures that the equipment you rent can reliably handle the toughest jobs.

We offer an impressive variety of the latest Caterpillar® products that boast safety and fuel-efficiency features. When renting heavy equipment from us, you’re not only keeping your operators safe but also improving productivity and decreasing fuel costs.

We’ll save you the time, labour, and money in transporting the heavy equipment to your job site. We provide rental equipment delivery all over Western Canada and the USA.

Our team are not only expert mechanics but are also experts in identifying what heavy equipment your team needs to get results. With our wide range of equipment for rent, we’re confident that we can provide you with the right heavy machinery for any type of terrain and any kind of materials you’re moving.

Supporting you with Heavy Equipment

Our team is trained in maintaining every piece of equipment in our fleet. Our low-hour equipment and fine-tuned service ensure hassle-free equipment that will be a part of your project’s success.

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Supporting you with Snow & Ice Equipment Rental

Stay ahead of snowstorms by partnering with Spectrum Equipment. Our snow removal equipment rental services offer a long list of dependable snow and ice removal machines so you can get right to work after the harsh winter storms.

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