Rock Truck Facts You Should Know Before Buying Or Renting One

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High productivity means moving more loads every day, and the best way to do  that is by using rock trucks or articulated dump trucks (ADTs). Buying vs renting an articulated dump truck have their own set of pros and cons.

We’re giving you everything you need to know about articulated dump trucks, so you can calculate the pros and cons of owning or renting a rock truck for your operation or industry.

What is an articulated dump truck?

An articulated dump truck has a body or chassis that can move separately, making it easy to control and maneuver. It has two components: the front section or the tractor and the rear section or the trailer. Its maneuverability is because of hydraulic cylinders joining the two sections.

Articulated haulers are six-wheeled vehicles helping drivers maneuver tighter turning radius and dump materials in tight corners. Its wide frames, low center of gravity, and large tires make rock trucks ideal for steep inclines, uneven terrain, and slippery and freezing conditions.

What Can an Articulated Dump Truck Be Used For?

Rock trucks aren’t just known for their maneuverability but also for their versatility. You can use ADTs for any offsite job that needs the tractor and the power to pull heavy loads.

For hauling water

The rear or trailer section of an articulated dump truck can be replaced with a water tank. In dusty sites or during dry summer months, articulated haulers can haul water tanks to create an artificial shower to weigh down dust particles which is a health hazard for construction workers.

For construction sites

You can use rock trucks for all types of construction sites. The trucks can be used to clear land for residential developments, highway and pipeline tunnel projects, and industrial installations. ADTs can haul and transport materials and remove excavated dirt, rocks, tree stumps, and downed trees.

For mining sites

Mining sites have rough terrains with narrow roads. Rock truck drivers can haul debris and move mined materials safely even with severe road conditions, small spaces, and tight corners.

For quarry projects

Like mining sites, quarry projects have tight spaces and sharp corners that are difficult to maneuver. The articulated dump truck’s six-wheel-drive can handle quarry projects’ unpredictable drops, uneven rocky terrain, and steep inclines. The ADT’s heavy-duty tractor can handle heavy loads of raw material and move them from one place to another.

ADT Lifespan and Maintenance

Articulated dump trucks can last up to 10 years or 20,000 hours. However, if you don’t use it aptly, forget maintenance checks, and ignore the safety requirements, you might be decreasing its lifespan.

Although it can handle treacherous terrains, soil abrasiveness and road and site conditions can have a negative impact on the heavy equipment. Excessive use of differential and axle rocks and lax maintenance procedures can also negatively impact the useful economic life of your ADT.

It’s important to match your articulated hauler’s tires, size, type, and width to the kind of operation you run in your sites and the types of road and weather conditions your ADT has to go through every day.

ADTs Are Now Safer and Easier to Operate

As technology advances, so do articulated dump trucks’ safety features. Caterpillar brought innovation to their ADT by providing more visibility, improving the cab’s and operator’s safety. CAT also has Connect PAYLOAD technology that calculates payload through sensors. Operators can tell if what they’re hauling is still under the recommended payload weight by watching the load-status lights located at all four corners of the cab roof.

This technology not only helps in maximizing every payload and minimizing premature wear but also prevents tipping.

Moreover, CAT also has a Detect/Stability-Assist system. It monitors the front and rear sections’ working angle and the grade. This innovation also cautions the operator if the ADT is approaching an unsafe angle, preventing tipping.

Articulated Dump Trucks Are a Must in Work Efficiency and Safety

An articulated hauler can be pretty expensive to buy or rent, but its size and features can save you time and money in the long run. Buying ADTs can be good for companies handling mining and quarry projects. For construction projects, you can rent one or more for short-term jobs that require a lot of hauling.

After knowing these articulated hauler or rock truck facts, you may have realized that buying or renting one can increase your job site’s productivity and safety. Spectrum Equipment will help you choose the right ADT model for you to get the job done faster, easier, and safer.

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