What Jobs Can A Track Type Tractor Help With

What Jobs Can A Track Type Tractor Help With | Spectrum Equipment

A track-type tractor is strong, heavy duty equipment mainly used for pushing, excavating, digging, and leveling soil, and debris at work sites. The CAT® track type tractors are the most used track type tractors across the industry, for a variety of applications, due to their superior pushing power combined with high-precision handling and control.

Uses of A Track-Type Tractor

Pushing massive amounts of material

Track-type tractors are designed to push massive amounts of materials on aggressive terrains. With the CAT® track-type tractor’s Universal blade or U blade and Semi-U or SU blade, it can push materials across long stretches of land securely due to its curved shape and large side wings.

Break Up Land

The CAT® D8T can come with a ‘ripper’. This attachment “rips” the soil and rock pulled up by the tractor itself. It is used for ground preparation before construction starts, such as residential neighborhood developments.

With a ripper attached, your track-type tractor can move large debris such as rocks and trees from worksites, and prepare canals, foundation pits, and trenches. Rippers are even the preferred tool to use in agriculture since it can go deeper and provides better cover on top for winter and doesn’t dry up the ground in the spring.

Land Clearing / Forestry

Land clearing or forestry has high demands, aggressive terrains, and tough weather conditions. CAT®’s Track-type tractors are purpose-built forestry equipment. A track-type tractor can tow logs, do heavy cutting, and push and loosen densely compacted materials.

A CAT® track-type tractor is built to protect itself and the operator from the harsh conditions in forestry projects. It has additional guarding to protect the underside of the tractor from tree stumps and other heavy debris, screens that protect the cab windows, optional sweeps protecting the top and sides of the machines, and the cooling system protecting the engine from overheating.

Landfill management

CAT® track-type tractors are considered ideal waste handlers because of their features:

  • Specialized air handling. Creating a comfortable environment for the operator by delivering cleaner air in the machine and the cab.
  • Engine cooling system and thermal shielding. Designed for high-debris environments, with easy access for cleanout.
  • Specialized sealing or guarding. Its striker bars keep the trash out and protect the heavy equipment from impact and airborne debris.
  • Bottom and final drive guarding. This protects the vital components of the heavy equipment from debris wrapping around them.
  • Landfill blades. It adds to the machine’s longevity. This increases the machine’s capacity, preventing waste materials from spilling over onto the radiator.
  • Center-hole track shoes. This helps optimize the control of the machine for uneven surfaces by ejecting debris from the tracks.
  • Great lighting. The lights are placed up and away from the main debris area for protection, especially in high-debris areas. Even with the lighting placement, it can still give the operators the needed light for their work area.


Stockpiling is another great use for track-type tractors. The CAT® track-type tractors have specialized blades that are perfect for woodchips, coal, and densely compacted dirt.

This heavy machinery is made with features and components that are perfect for stockpile arrangement. All of its features and components not only provide the operator safety but are also the core of its durability.

It has features that protect the engine from heating up, a screened precleaner and roof-mounted filter that protects the machinery and its operator from large stockpiles, and it has seals that protect itself from debris build-up.

Spreading Materials

With a VPAT (Variable Pitch Angle Tilt) blade, your D6T can take on a wider variety of applications. This blade keeps granular materials from segregating, thereby providing optimum compaction and cohesion.

Why Choose A CAT® Track-Type Tractor?

The CAT® D6T and CAT® D8T are magnificent feats of engineering due to their notable features that improve fuel efficiency, and ease of operation. There’s also the auto-shift function that allows the operator to focus more on the blade control and the surroundings since this feature ensures that the tractor is running in the right gear no matter the changes in terrain.

Choosing the Right Heavy Equipment Rental Agency

Looking for heavy equipment for sale or for rent means looking for the equipment rental agency that knows everything there is about the equipment needed to complete the job.

They should be able to identify what track-type tractor is best for your desired use based on the worksite, terrain, and material types. They should also be able to provide helpful services such as heavy hauling so you can get the equipment to where it needs to be, so you can get right to work.

Spectrum Equipment has a team of experts to help you identify which CAT® track-type tractor will help you be more productive and efficient on the job. Contact us today for more information.

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