Equifab Landscaper Dump Body

In order to exceed the highest industry standards, all our landscaper dump bodies are made of aluminum extrusion. Extruded aluminum is strong and light weight giving you a better performance, durability, fuel economy and lower maintenance.

Standard Features 

  • Extruded aluminum floor, tailgate as well as the top and bottom rails
  • 7T or 12T telescopic cylinder
  • 15″ drop sides
  • Detachable corner posts
  • 21″ two-way tailgate
  • Cab protector with tarp
  • LED lights
  • Body lenght 8′ or longer


  • Tool rack
  • Toolbox
  • 18″ drop sides c/w 24″ tailgate or 24″ drop sides c/w 30″ tailgate
  • Hitch plate

Other options available on request

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