How the West is Adopting Eastern Snow Removal Methods

How the West is Adopting Eastern Snow Removal Methods

In recent years, Western Canada has seen a shift in the way it handles snow removal. While traditional methods such as skidsteer and wheel loaders with plows are still commonly used, many snow removal companies have started to adopt the use of tractors with snow plow attachments. This method of snow removal is more commonly used in Eastern Canada and has proven to be an effective and efficient way to clear snow from small to large parking lots, distribution centres and even roadways.

Two top manufacturers in this field are MetalPless and Fendt Tractors, both of which are exclusively distributed by Spectrum. Fendt Tractors are known for their speed and roadability, making them an excellent choice for snow removal. These tractors are able to cover a large area quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to clear snow. In addition, their superior roadability allows them to navigate through even the toughest conditions with ease.

MetalPless, are a top manufacturer of snow plow attachments with hydraulic wing plows. Compared to conventional snow plows, these plows are built to be more durable and have a longer lifespan. MetalPless plow attachments are also manufactured in Quebec, Canada making them a locally-trusted option. One unique aspect of Metal Pless is their versatility. The hydraulic wings on these plows can be manipulated to fit the specific needs of each job, making them a versatile choice for snow removal. In addition, both standard, heavy duty and Live Edge configurations are available, providing users with even more options to choose from and chose the right plow for their underfoot conditions.

Benefits of Using Agricultural Tractors for Snow Removal?

The Live Edge technology, which is patented by MetalPless, is particularly impressive. This technology allows the blades on the plow to conform to the ground with 3 ½ “ of travel, maximizing ground contact.  This technology is up to three times faster than traditional methods, reducing the time and cost of snow removal. In addition, it has been shown to reduce the need for salting and sanding by 50%, further saving on costs.

One major advantage of using snow plows like those from MetalPless is the cost savings compared to adding additional equipment to a fleet. These blades are a fraction of the cost of additional equipment and can easily be attached to existing equipment, allowing users to keep the equipment they already have while still improving their snow removal capabilities. In fact, it is even possible to reduce your fleet of snow removal equipment by 30% or more by using these blades.

Spectrum Provides The Best Snow Removal Equipment For The Job

Overall, the adoption of tractors with snow plow attachments, particularly those from top manufacturers like MetalPless and Fendt, has proven to be a smart choice for Western Canada’s snow removal efforts. These products offer numerous benefits such as improved speed, roadability, versatility, and cost savings, leading to more efficient and effective snow removal in the region.

In fact, Spectrum Equipment has recently partnered with Agriterra to supply FENDT tractors for rental and the sale of used tractors, with a focus on multi-use applications year-round. The company has purchased 14, 150HP tractors and is excited to showcase the capabilities of FENDT not only in agriculture but in the construction industry as well. As more companies continue to adopt these advanced snow removal methods, it is likely that we will see even greater improvements in Western Canada.

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