Trecan 15-CT-LP Snow Melter

Year: 2020-21 Factory Pricing
Price: $200,000 USD + Shipping

Trecan has released the first low profile snow melter for easy access to parking decks and smaller projects.  The demand for the 15-CT caused Trecan to listen to our clients across North America and build a lower profile unit and it is now here!!!  The 15-CT had a height of 8’4” and the 15-CT-LP has a height of 6’2”.  This is one cool looking machine and the first one is hitting the streets this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Spectrum Equipment has been given the task of demoing the unit and doing field follows across a number of sites and situations. We are excited to do this testing in the field and put the LP through its paces. I feel this will open new opportunities for Snow Contractors as client demand will be there for many facilities across North America.

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