Fisher SS-120 Walk-Behind Sidewalk Sprayer

With the FISHER® SS-120 walk-behind sidewalk sprayer, you can pretreat the
surface with liquid anti-icer to help prevent ice from bonding to the pavement,
and make it easy to scrape clean after the storm. The FISHER walk-behind sprayer gives you battery-powered convenience and a heavy-duty spray wand for stairs and other places where granular deicers are ineffective, such as curbs and steps.  With pretreating, you can use less salt, save time and deliver exceptional results.


  • 12-gallon poly tank with easy-fill cap handles any de-icing liquid
  • Electric pump sprays up to one gallon per minute at 60 psi
  • Battery powers up to ten full tanks, and recharges in 12–16 hours
  • Height-adjustable nozzle and convenient spray wand


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